How to obtain a replacement Ontario Marriage Certificate

If you were married in Ontario and you do not have the original Ontario marriage certificate* that was given to you at your wedding ceremony or a certificate issued by the Registrar General, you must obtain a certificate from the Registrar General. You can order one online at Note: The fastest service is by using the online system and paying with a credit card (choose the $15 ‘short form’).

*Depending on the year of marriage, either the bottom portion of the marriage license or ‘stand-alone’ form called at various times “Certificate of Marriage”, “Marriage Certificate”, “Record of Marriage”, or “Record of Solemnization of Marriage”. Ceremonial ‘certificates’ issued by your church, synagogue, mosque, etc. are not acceptable alternatives. If in doubt, you can fax a copy to us and we will tell you if it will be acceptable to the court. NOTE: If your divorce is being filed in BRAMPTON, BROCKVILLE, COBOURG, OTTAWA, NEWMARKET, NORTH BAY, or WELLEND – you MUST provide the court with a Registrar General-issued certificate – they no longer accept the original given at the ceremony.