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(+13% HST except on the court’s fees)

Ontario simple joint or sole/uncontested Divorce: $550
Complete preparation of all of the forms required to obtain a simple* (sole/uncontested or joint**) divorce in Ontario, Canada. The following services are provided at no additional charge: (i) filing of the Ontario divorce forms for you in the appropriate court; (ii) serving your spouse with a copy of the filed Application for Divorce by regular mail; and (iii) commissioning of the required affidavits***.
*A ‘simple’ divorce is one in which you are only asking the court for a divorce only and nothing else (such as spousal support, division of property, child custody/access/support, etc.). **A joint divorce requires both spouses to sign all of the Ontario divorce paperwork. A sole/uncontested Ontario divorce is when one spouse files the divorce and the other spouse is served with copy after it is filed. See this for more info about the process.. ***Read more about these services towards the bottom of this page.

Optional Separation Agreement: $500 (Includes a $165 credit towards the purchase of a divorce package – effectively making the agreement $335. Credit expires if not used within one year. Please read this for more information on separation agreements in Ontario.)

SPECIAL OFFER: Get a FREE basic, ‘clean’ personalized agreement (no support, minor children or division of assets) with the purchase of a regular divorce package.

The Court’s mandatory filing fees: $669 – the mandatory amount the court charges (separate from our fee). (Does not include the $25 fee that the court charges for the optional divorce certificate which is required when you re-marry in the future.)

Court Fee Waiver – You may be eligible for a waiver of all but $10 of the court’s fees if you have very low income and own very few assets. Click here for more information about Court Fee Waivers for your Ontario Divorce.

Total for a simple, joint or sole (uncontested) Ontario divorce: $1,290.50 includes taxes & court fees.

EXTRAS – Please read this so you are not surprised by any extra fees:

Can’t find your spouse? – Add $500  – Click here for a description of the Ontario divorce process and fees for a missing spouse divorce in Ontario.

Divorce based on Adultery – Add $50. Note: You cannot do a divorce based on a your own adultery or a joint divorce based on adultery – it has to be based on separation. Click here for more information about doing your Ontario Divorce based on Adultery.

**Your spouse resides outside of Canada: If you are doing a ‘sole’ divorce and your spouse resides in a ‘Hague Convention’ jurisdiction, additional fees start at $500 and go up from there (unless your spouse resides in a jurisdiction that allows Hague Service by mail in which case there are no additional fees if they are cooperative with service by mail). Please read this for more information about serving your out-of-Canada spouse.  You can avoid these additional fees if you do a ‘joint’ divorce.

Serving Your Spouse – Unless the court orders otherwise, your spouse must be given a copy of the Application for divorce after it is filed with the court.

By mailFREE: This is done by ezDivorce.ca at no additional cost to you. Your spouse must sign & mail back an acknowledgement of service form that will be included with the mailed papers.

In Person – If your spouse is not cooperative with service by mail, or if you just prefer that he/she be served in person, you must arrange for personal service (either by a relative, friend or by a professional process server) at your own expense. We do not arrange personal service for you – however we tell you what you need to do. Any adult can serve your spouse other than you. Whoever serves your spouse will have to swear an Affidavit of Service which we will prepare.

Hague Service – If your spouse resides outside of Canada, service under the Hague Convention might be required. Please read the information posted here.

Swearing required Affidavit for Divorce – Your purchase includes swearing of the required affidavit for divorce through video conference only (we use Zoom). If you are not able to do this, you will have to find a commissioner of oaths who is willing to commission (swear) your affidavit in person at your own expense.

Misc. Fees

Supplemental Affidavits – If the court rejects the divorce until additional information is filed (usually regarding child support that is not being paid in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines), we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of $50-$250 to prepare and file supplemental affidavits depending on the complexity of the required response.

Missed Appointments – There is a $50 fee for missed* meetings (including Zoom). (*A “missed” meeting is one that is not cancelled before the original start time.)