Toronto divorce lawyer prepares and files your cheap and quick onlinedivorce in Toronto for $550** for a simple, joint or sole (uncontested) divorce

*You can now sign and swear your Toronto divorce paperwork online with our Toronto divorce lawyer. You do not need to come to our office or go to the court.

**Plus HST and the court’s mandatory filing fees of $669 (or $10 if you are eligible for a court fee waiver)

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Add a personalized Separation Agreement for $335 + hst*

*SPECIAL OFFER: Get a free basic, simple (no support, minor children or division of assets) personalized separation agreement with the (paid) purchase of a regular divorce package.

Note: The court does not require that you have a separation agreement – it is optional.

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19+ years of service and over 8,000 Ontario divorces filed

Are you confused by all of the various Toronto divorce forms?
Do you know which Ontario divorce forms you need to get a divorce in Toronto?
Don’t guess and hope that you get it right! We select, prepare and file all of the necessary Toronto divorce forms for you.

OVERVIEW OF OUR DIVORCE IN TORONTO SERVICE‘s lawyer can help you obtain a cheap and quick divorce in Toronto. The total cost, including tax and the court’s mandatory fees, for a simple, sole (uncontested) or joint Toronto with a cooperative spouse is $1,290.50. only assists with ‘simple‘ divorces in Toronto. A ‘simple’ divorce is one in which you are asking the court to grant you a divorce only. In a ‘simple divorce’, you cannot ask the court to grant orders with respect to anything else, including, but not limited to: spousal support, child custody, access and support, etc.  prepares and files all of the necessary forms required to obtain your ‘simple’ divorce in Toronto. You will fill out a simple online divorce intake form. THIS IS NOT A ‘DO-IT-YOURSELF’ DIVORCE KIT SERVICE: We prepare and file all of the necessary paperwork with the court for you. You do not have to appear in court. The entire process averages 2 to 6 months from when your application is filed with the court until the divorce order is granted. However, some court locations can be much slower. is not an automated form generation service. We manually prepare all of the required Toronto divorce forms based on the information you provide on our intake form. So if you make a mistake, we will follow up with you. Cheaper sites just drop whatever information you enter into robo-generated forms. They do not make sure that everything is presented in the way courts require.

NEWYOU CAN NOW COMPLETE, SIGN, AND SWEAR ALL OF THE REQUIRED PAPERS FROM THE COMFORT OF HOME. YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO SWEAR THE REQUIRED AFFIDAVIT FOR DIVORCE IN PERSON. We use DocuSign so you can sign the forms digitally and Zoom so you can swear the affidavit with your computer or smartphone.


How does work? How long will my Ontario divorce take?

1. You place your order through the web site and then complete an online Ontario divorce intake form. You indicate whether you want to file a simple ‘sole/uncontested’ divorce or a joint Ontario divorce.

2. We email draft Ontario divorce forms for you to review within a day or two.

3. Once you confirm that the forms are accurate, we make arrangements for you to digitally sign and swear them online using Zoom. You can do this at home on your smart phone if you do not have a computer.

4. If you are doing a ‘joint’ Ontario divorce, we file the paperwork with the court. At this point you are just waiting for the court to grant the divorce. This usually takes two to four months, depending on where it is filed.

5. If you are doing a ‘simple/uncontested’ Ontario divorce, we serve your spouse with a copy of the filed Application by regular mail. If your spouse is not cooperative with mail, you will have to arrange to have them served in person. The final court papers are then filed not less than 31 days after your spouse has been served. At this point you are just waiting for the court to grant the divorce. This usually takes two to four months, depending on where it is filed.

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