As of May, 2024, the court in Toronto is taking more than 5 months to grant joint divorces after they are filed and more than 5 months to grant “uncontested” divorce after the final court filing is made (see – meaning more than 7 months in total . The last signed joint divorces that I received were filed in December 2023. The last signed “uncontested” divorces that I received had their final step filed in December 2023.

I am frequent contact with the court and the Ministry of the Attorney General about this issue:

From me to the court and Ministry in December 2023:

It is now more than two months since you indicated that an effort was being made to clear the backlog. There is no sign that this is actually happening. The last signed order I received was for a divorce that ‘set down’ in July. I haven’t received any for files set down since August.
Any effort at clearing that backlog has been completely ineffectual. The court system in Toronto is providing inexcusably horrendous service for which an outrageous fee of $669 per divorce file is being charged. What am I to tell my clients/customers about when they can expect their divorces to be signed

Reply from the Ministry

Hello Mr. Slater, 

Thank you for your follow up email. The delay in signing divorce orders continues to be a standing item on the bench and bar agenda. The judiciary are aware of the high volume of divorces that require review and signing. We continue to work collaboratively with the judiciary to address the high volume of divorces. 

From me to the court and Ministry in May 2024:

It is 4+ months from your reply – however I have seen no evidence of an effort to get caught up. I am still waiting on divorces filed and/or set down as far back as November. The only thing that has sped up is the processing of JSO submissions. Can you not bring back a retired judge (Paisley?) for a few weeks to power through the backlog?

Reply from the Ministry on May 2:

Hello Mr. Slater, 

The issue was discussed yesterday at the Toronto SCJ Family Bench and Bar meeting, the judiciary are aware of the high number of divorces and are committed to reduce it.